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Long triangle is started carry out in short supply talent to groom project
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From " unifinication of development of talent of delta of the Yangtse River is collective and enunciative " since publishing, long triangle is in short supply the talent grooms service Hangzhou center combines Hangzhou city socioeconomy progress to need cheek by jowl, start carried out Hangzhou city " 915 " myriad 100 long triangle are in short supply the talent grooms project, began more than 10 long triangle early or late in short supply talent grooms project, accumulative total grooms examine of all kinds and in short supply person with ability 33 thousand more than person.

In recent years, the center introduced ability of post of oral interpretation of external affairs contact to groom exam project. Additional, in view of " small language " the language is in socioeconomy developing is important action, the professional of small language language such as spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Japanese already made the in short supply handsome appearance that current socioeconomy builds, the center was introduced again " small language " post ability grooms exam project.

In the meantime, hangzhou introduced oral interpretation of Shanghai foreign language to take an exam, still organized competition of large award of first English oral interpretation of Hangzhou city, for this city and even education of long triangle area, choose the oral interpretation talent that large quantities of one societies are badly in need of.

Hangzhou city introduced only evidence of oral interpretation of Shanghai foreign language, international trade, modern other people to flow early or late, the long triangle such as clerk of accountant of oral interpretation of contact of car sale, external affairs, small language, foreign trade, foreign trade is in short supply the talent grooms project, developed a large number of in short supply person with abilities for Hangzhou city. According to statistic, only this center groomed 2007 long triangle is in short supply talent 3787, the senior talented person with long in short supply triangle 300, the internationalization talent with long in short supply triangle 38.

Introducing actively groom project while, this center returns active and own development to groom brand, union grows trigonometry area to be able to exhibit the development existing state of affairs of talent team, to accelerate education in short supply meeting extends a person with ability, this center is chaired developed contemporary meeting to exhibit post ability to groom assessment project, constituent expert wrote teaching material of form a complete set " contemporary meeting exhibits foundation and solid Wu " .

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