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Tianjin adopts multinomial act to promote college graduate obtain employment
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Tianjin takes multinomial step, the college graduate that force hurried exceeds 110 thousand this year is successful obtain employment. In the meantime, tianjin city still will continue to guide college graduate to face basic level obtain employment, to basic level obtain employment person can apply for to reward gold.

Tianjin city allotted a few days ago " the announcement that obtain employment of graduate of good about doing common 2008 colleges and universities works " , did not get during school the country helps the student that learns loan, tianjin city village reachs of one's own accord when graduation basic unit of difficult and outlying area pursues forefront job, and sign obtain employment agreement 5 years above, have concerned requirement, can apply for government of Tianjin city people to serve basic level to reward gold according to relevant program.

In addition, the country is obtained to help the student that learns loan during school, arrive of one's own accord when graduation western area and basic unit of difficult and outlying area pursue forefront job, sign obtain employment agreement 5 years above, have concerned requirement, can apply for a country to aid according to relevant program learn loan acting countervail to aid financially.

Tianjin still will increase the supportive strength that does poineering work to the undergraduate, the undergraduate can apply for small loan is used at doing poineering work independently. According to Tianjin city labor and social security bureau concern personage introduction, seek the profession, college graduate that does poineering work independently oneself, can file time the longest do not exceed two years, what highest forehead spends 50 thousand yuan is small assure loan; Those who organize obtain employment is OK still application group borrows money. In addition, labor safeguard branch still will be built communal poineering garden, encourage college graduate to come true to do poineering work independently to poineering garden, play is communal the hatch of poineering garden implement action.

To failing when leave school the economic difficulty of obtain employment is graduate, section of Tianjin town work will be first arrange them to enter obtain employment learn on job. Between novitiate, will extend each every months of 400 yuan living cost allowance and 10 yuan comprehensive insurance allowance.

According to Tianjin town work and statistic of social security bureau, 2008, graduate of Tianjin city average college is 110 thousand more than person, among them graduate student 10 thousand more than person, undergraduate students 50 thousand more than person, specialized subject (high post) lay 50 thousand more than person. Gross is controlled than growing 11% last year.

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