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What does undergraduate to apply for a job take to move a look forward to
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Nowadays is worth the fastigium of graduate to apply for a job. Situation of college graduate obtain employment is grim all the time in recent years, the graduate of countrywide average college reached record-breaking 5.59 million person again this year, add 60 much people than last year. Although obtain employment situation is austere, but if wished to enter well-known industry obtain employment,also have a lot of graduate. What kind of to apply for a job are they having to comprehend? The undergraduate should have what kind of quality after all, does ability get the favour of a look forward to? For this, the author interviewed a few graduate that work in renown look forward to, hope their experience is in to rushing about on road of to apply for a job learn younger brother to learn younger sister people inspire somewhat.

The sea casts resume to cannot be taken, the target wants to make clear

"The major of my undergraduate course is applied earth physics, reading the major when grinding is oil deposit description. When to apply for a job, I refer to the unit of oil industry first, after the lock decided key target, pass all sorts of channel collect information. " Zhou Guowen after from Xi'an a college graduates, oily international is abroad in entering Chinese oil smoothly research center. Zhou Guowen says, from apply for a job at the beginning, he realises clearly must have clear fixed position, want to have oneself cause, "Ten million cannot drift with the stream " .

Boundless also has same view, he is graduated from a college of Beijing, assume office now at Chinese mobile group. "Grind that years 2, the issue that what job pursues after graduation is perplexing me all the time. Mechanism, college, foreign enterprise, state-owend enterprise, look pretty good, how should accept or reject? Pass the analysis of pair of own actual strength, combine interest interest, I decide to abandon college and foreign enterprise, main attack mechanism and state-owend enterprise. Because I had lived nearly 20 years in the school,be, want to change a new environment; 2 it is to take a foreign enterprise, always feeling in the heart is not very willing. Always feeling in the heart is not very willing..

Graduate of college of Beijing foreign language, show inaugural Yu Mou the Zhang Chi of famous foreign enterprise has feeling greatly also to this. She says: "Now, a lot of undergraduates should see only the unit comes VIP signs up, no matter then the portion works,also suit, like, they feel to be able to get more chances so, do so actually very unscientific. To apply for a job is very the thing of force of bad news of bad news god, the energy of a person is finite, want to use finite energy on the most significant opportunity. The state of mind in process of to apply for a job is very important also, a person if ground of in quick succession is rejected, state of mind suffers an effect for certain, form vicious circle easily. The person of general net, can right take an exam every time does with one one's heart endeavor? Can you undertake sufficient preparation? I think the answer is negative. Competition is so intense, with one one's heart endeavors to just can win. So, want to make clear a target, prepare adequately. Prepare adequately..
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