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Of these raises go you are informed regulation
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Close paragraph of time, countrywide prices is to go up sound: Floor price rises, fleshy price rises, dish price also rises. By related concern, the lunch price by a lot of business affairs buildings also follows when the river rises the boat goes up-particular things improve with the improvement of the general situation, make a lot of duty field white-collars have a headache unceasingly. Everyday have dinner time, the deep feeling of as one falls often can hear in cafeteria: Whats go up, it is wages does not rise...

"Raises " , it is duty field public figure's realest think of a way, especially below the situation that prices rises now, duty field personage is to raises raise one's head and look is anxiouslied expect more, fraught. The duty field public figure that statistic indicates 75% above is met egregious pursuit the compensation promotion before, and do not know " raises " still a lot of means, method can be searched.

When raises becomes the extravagant hopes that a kind of Yao cannot reach, should work overtime to become duty field to go sadly without overtime when regulation, put word when the boss " your hardship I know, want raises not to do " when, we should give what kind of one strikes back, let a boss must give you raises, or what always can think of when raises is you.

Analytic data makes clear, the duty field person of 72% seeks high pay is to bring about one of main reasons that find new job. Find new job, it is a method of raises, but however cannot commonly used. Cannot use when high pay find new job will solve, we should seek what kind of method to one's liking to wish, we come to an analysis one case fall below, of alleged raises go regular.

Leo is a bright and clear northeast person, when the university graduates, he chooses to stay in Shanghai development as major classmate, through 3 years dozen go all out, it is one measures a body to develop the technical backbone of company of negotiable securities application software to invest an orgnaization only at present, also be in friend circle small successful. Because current company platform already gave him to provide space of very good put to good use, there is apparent promotion when before the wages that the quandary that he faces now is him follows two years, be being joined, can be in a company from human relation or ability respect without giving thought to is be obvious to all in all personnel. When asking about the relation with the boss, leo say is the contact on routine work only commonly, technical issue and director are communicated more. Although Leo is involuntary behavior, although working capability is very strong, but decide his pay is large the boss of broading degree did not see his outstanding achievement is reflected, this raises wants when to just can come true.

3 big preparation had been made before raises

One, person arteries and veins. There often is a word on duty field: Ability leans 30 years old ago, person arteries and veins leans after 30 years old. Person arteries and veins is affection namely arteries and veins, affection arteries and veins is money arteries and veins namely. Person arteries and veins is duty field those who go up is geomantic, in management process, when oneself have bit of idea, but this concern net can be developed exceed constant action, resemble China especially so the society that discusses human relationship.
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