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Does you raise the job or the job raise you?
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When the university graduates, everybody happens to coincide the most important level that works as the choice with compensation, mix at least place and name are euqally important. After all we endured old education, tell us to should be a target in order to seek a good job namely, and good job is to have stable, income certainly tall, environment of several main essential factor.

This kind of thinking is quite simple, effective, because this also is used generally by father generation, generation is accepted generally and be carried out by me.

Had the lesson of this job, it is insufficient that I detect to have money only, comfortable administrative environment is quite important also. In this concept guidance falls, I was accepted than before pay wants little, but the another that controller is setting with teacher lecturer group civilian battalion company. The atmosphere of this enterprise is auspicious, manage clemency, working intensity is low, ordinarily I go up to live happily too. But I run again after 8 months, because of here more and more the feeling that makes me gutty move toward graveyard, after a few years everyday what the life can anticipate is quite accurate. One day I think of, is this born with such? If I am gone tomorrow, the thing that I should do is to resign first for certain. Then, this problem let me choose to leave.

So, look the environment also cannot let the job make me satisfactory very much, through the analysis of myself, considered the opinion of vocational guidance expert even, I decide to change direction " specialization " road, the choice provides the company of professional service. This I consider compensation and environmental ground to be put in backseat, in fact, the small-sized market information that I accepted each field requirement to compare difference serves a company. Because give a mark with environment, pay, controller for index,saying its condition difference is, it is lower for certain, it has a boss that conceals its to be a target in order to make money none, personnel of ragged of the job of high strenth, quality made a person cogent experience capitalism is how to return a responsibility. But opposite for I still am satisfactory actually this job, because of it professional to the person a kind of contented feeling and safety feel, it exercises an opportunity adequately to perhaps say the boss will never let your idle staying to the person, the professional that let me become nucleus actually gradually had little little name in industry. Went 2 years, I also accumulate this industry almost enough, and the sequela of this kind of lifestyle also shows somewhat gradually, for the body and family, for oneself future, I get go out for a battle again.

This company still is civilian battalion, have bit of elephant with the 2nd company, but actual strength is more powerful, the job is more inefficient also and dull. Choose me this to look mark is made clear, it is money and time. So old harships tells me, had this different resource, the dream of myself just may come true, then I even oversight working content, the identity doing of the outstanding manager of the tall record of formal schooling with me, a certain industry rose advanced the thing that chare. Very fast, although pay is not little,I discover, but and in front a few jobs are same, the feeling that the job is used up one kind from time to tome. I think this job leaves stop not far also, place favour provides my off hours and abundant energy in it, it is good to make my enough is done next preparation.
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