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Senior HR: Carve of cowardly of of blood clam of shelfing collect
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Resume is to apply for a job person a commonly used tool. In process of graduate to apply for a job, resume often rose is the main tool that gains interview opportunity. The angle from HR talks how to write resume below, hope to consult somewhat to graduate to apply for a job.

One, the crucial point of resume

The study that the university is in him before writing resume, work and life think back to carefully, write down the thing that has window. If achievement is outstanding, had obtained fellowship to perhaps had obtained what contest award to wait; If had entered job of student union job, student mass organizations, the unit has jackarooed to what, had organized what activity, obtain what outstanding achievement to wait; If oneself had done the thing with significant what in the university,wait. Find out the place of own extraordinary, find out can mirror oneself the achievement of good quality or practice activity.

The filtration with undertake certain according to the post that applies for and company next and revise. Make an example, if be to apply for a technology model the job, the key is spirit of ability of the professional success that should highlight you, practice, group. Your professional result should be reflected on resume, the result that obtains what once had done with the project that applies for post to concern and place, or the paper that publishs on professional journal; Additional, OK also slightly the social activity that you entered, behave your group collaboration spirit. If be to apply for a sale kind the job, the communication ability that should stress you mainly, human truck capacity and emulative spirit. Your social activity outstanding achievement should be reflected on resume, you once did the part-time job that pass, and because you hold to the result that obtains with perseverance.

2, the staple of resume

HR can notice a few content mainly commonly when choosing resume: Applicant's expectation; Place of post of company invite applications for a job wants the show related quality, if study result, work experience, reflect an individual the unique experience of fine quality; Additional, also notice to teach background, record of formal schooling, professional, the university of graduation; If need interview, a few basic message of applicant cannot little, full name, connection means.

This shows, a resume should include the content of the following respects at least:

1, the post that apply for or hope of to apply for a job;

2, basic message: Means of full name, sexual distinction, connection (mail address and postcode, connect a telephone call, email) ; Had better leave a mobile phone and hold a mobile phone expedite.

3, educational setting: Highest record of formal schooling, graduate school, professional.

4, wait with the expression that applies for post demand quality to concern, experience and outstanding achievement, best subject is outstanding, consecution is written down clearly.
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